How to Prevent Flaky/Aging Skin

Flaky Skin

If you have dry skin maybe we can fix that. Are you drinking enough water??? Drink your water! Your body is made up of like 50-70% of water and going a day without water in this winter wonderland/deathtrap, then you might want to start now because here comes winter right at your face. Are you eating healthy?? Eat your fruits and veggies because again we are trying to prevent dry skin not make dry skin. 

Moisturize? Switch face washes, exfoliaters, moisturizers anything like that because winter time is here. 

Sunscreen. Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you can’t protect your face and body. UV A and UV B rays are real y’all. 


Use good skincare products with retinol and anti aging things in it. Oh that is the start on preventing aging. Again water and sunscreen will become your best friend. Fruits and veggies are making its way back. Even though I’m at a very young age. I still eat healthy, do P.E., 

drink loads of water and all that good stuff. Plus if you take a hot shower because I like those your stripping your body’s natural oil it produces so quickly rinse with freezing cold water then moisturize. I’m glad I can help all of you

Your Friend,

Hannah Banana 😉


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