What do you see?

You have beauty and I can see it. You are lovely.


“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”
― Confucius

Which side of me do you see?

Is it the tired-looking, undone side?

The made-up, ready-to-accomplish anything side?

Or is it the inside, the one that says, “Look a little further, see ME!”

Nothing can be taken at face value because every face has a story to tell. The tired, undone side may be saying, “I’ve lived a thousand lives in my time, and this face needs no make-up to say I’m a survivor.” The made-up, ready-to-accomplish anything side could say, “I hide behind a cover of shame; no one knows who I really am.”

Dig a little deeper; try to understand the people you meet and don’t ever take them at face-value. You could be missing out on someone who may change your life.

A woman who wears no make-up and has on dirty clothes may have gotten up…

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