My Fave Brushes For Face and Eyes

My Fave Brushes For Face and Eyes

Hey. I’m back. BTW I got this shirt at Walmart. So these are my fave brushes mostly because they blend or pack on the color so wonderfully. Brush #1 Artistry Brush the eye/cheek one. The very first brush I’m holding. I love it I use it for mineral, liquid and stick foundation and concealer and powder blush and bronzer you name it! It goes in the hollows of your cheeks or a great way to add your blush for a natural glow. So on to the next brush my angled countered brush I love it for intense contouring. BTW it was from ulta. My E.L.F. Eye Defining Brush I love to pack eyeshadow on with and you can do it lighter or heavier your choice. My other brush I’m sooooo sorry idk the brand but the one with the blue handle and golden rim. I love it though because it is great for blending the crease or packing color into it. SOHO concealer brush. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!! 😉 Last but certainly not least ulta eyeshadow brush eyelid and crease va boom great for both lighter or heavier.
Stay Happy and Healthy Veiwers and I will see you soon


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