Walmart Haul… haul…haul…haul

Walmart Haul... haul...haul...haul

So this is the last post of this week because camp is in 2 DAYS!!!!! Yay! So if you haven’t seen 8 Fave Things of June go check that out. But today I have things you can buy at your local Walmart. BTW I have a July 4th Tank (Top not a thing soldiers use) and it wasn’t in the picture above. So going from clothes to socks to body wash and hair care. So these are my things for camp. Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash. In Burnt Brown Sugar. It smells so good!!!!!!!! KK if your like me you probably have thick it’s hard to wash. You can’t get everything because you have layers and it thick and you still may have hairspray stuck in your hair. UGH so annoying. Well from my experience Pantene PRO-V Normal-Thick Hair Washing Solutions and PRO-V Hair Conditioner worked in my opinion really washed and cleanses and softens the hair shaft.
Going to camp, too! You need some color back into your life
and if your like me you need to wear tennis shoes but hate
when the sock is showing well the NOBO No-Showing socks are awesome they don’t show and have colors that range in blue, pink, purple, and green it’s awesome!!!! Last but not least clothes is summer don’t want to wear a long-sleeved shirt or tank top well well at Walmart, they they have these shirts and the back has lace so nothing to thin or thick perfect and the back is open so nice and airy love it. Shorts well you guys get it shorts.


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