Skin Behaving Badly

I also don’t know why skin so difficult. And trust me it is a pain in the neck trying to get clear skin.

Forget men, when did dealing with skin start being so goddamned difficult?

I’m not sure how it started (although I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have been my Clinique Moisture Overnight Mask that originally triggered it) but my skin is rebelling and having bad skin day after bad skin day. It’s a landslide.

On good days my skin is happy, and on bad days it is angry, and these days, it is furious, presenting me with a combination of massive whiteheads and stubborn red spots that just won’t go away.

The cause remains unknown to me. It could be any number of things including my use of the Clinique Moisture Overnight Mask, my change from Shu’s blue Hydrability range to the red Red:Juvenus range, or simply the change of season from winter to summer and the increasing humidity.

I doubt that stress and diet are the perpetrators, but I…

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