8 Fave Things of JUNE!!!!!

8 Fave Things of JUNE!!!!!

HELLO!!!! I was so excited to do this. So summer is slowly approaching and some of you don’t know what to buy. 1.) Nail Polish China Glaze in Sunshine Pop. Love the name, love the color is all I have to say. 2.)PRIMER/B.B. Cream. This Loreal Paris’s Fair colored B.B. Cream I use it as a primer leaves such glowing finish.3.)I got this one a Sprouts Farmer Produce. It is the Hawaiian Ruby Guava. I bought the solid perfume separately but the Lip Balm and Roll On and I use to have their scented Lotion. They smell AMAZING the only fruity/floral perfume I can wear and smell good in it. And feel comfortable others not so much. The Lip Balm isn’t so pigmented but like a sheer tint to it. 4.) Lip Stain. New York Color’s 16 hour Smooch Proof Lip Stain in 490 Persistent Pink. (Warning: Lighter skinned girls this will look brighter.) Other tanner and dark skinned girls it will look more natural. 5.) Blush. Lighter skinned girls again it will look brighter. E.L.F. Pink Passion. Love it. I like matte bronzers and blushes. Just cause it look better on me. 6.) EOS Lip Balm Pomegrante. I Like it because it smells sooooo good. And nourishes dry, cracking, hurting lips. 7.) Bronzer Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Bronzer 167 Amber Glow. This gives such a healthy glow to cheeks and face. 8.) Mascara. Physicians Formula. It’s all natural. You need to buy it to see the brush applicator.


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